Chrome plate

Product description

Chrome plated steel

Also known as Wuxi steel plate, it is a cold-rolled low-carbon steel plate or steel strip coated with metal chrome plating and chrome oxide coating on both sides by continuous chrome plating, in the case of high cost of metal tin. The new can making and capping materials developed can partially replace the tin plate. The rolled chrome-plated steel strip is cut into a sheet-like chrome-plated steel sheet.


Execution Standards

GB/T 24180-2009, JISG3315:2008


Chromium plating


Metal chrome plating (per side)

Oxide Chrome Layer (per side)

Minimum average weight

Maximum average weight

Minimum average weight

Maximum average weight

50 mg/m²;

150 mg/m²;

5 mg/m²;

35 mg/m²;


Chrome plate features

Excellent paint adhesion

The paint adhesion far exceeds the tinplate and can be used to make DRD cans and glued cans

Excellent heat-resistant denaturation

High temperature baking, no discoloration, no deterioration in material properties

Excellent resistance to vulcanization

The metal chrome layer has good resistance to vulcanization and is suitable for protein-rich foods such as fish. Head

Excellent resistance to filiform corrosion

Excellent resistance to filiform corrosion under the paint film

Excellent alkali resistance

The chrome layer is a non-amphoteric material that is more suitable for alkaline contents such as detergents and pigment dispersants. Packaging

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